1-Minute Best Short Speech on Diwali in English for Student

1,2,3-Minute Best Long/short/small Simple Speech on Diwali in English for Student Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10

Honourable/Esteemed/President/Principal/Headmaster, respected chief guest/chief speaker/teachers, and my friends.

Today I am standing in front of you to express my speech on the topic ‘Diwali. The great Hindu Indian festival.

Diwali is a festival of light. It is celebrated with much delight and interest all over India. It has religious significance, science approves it.

Diwali is celebrated on the fifteenth day in the month of Kartika, the holiest month of the Hindus. People light candles, explode crackers and make merry.

It is an important festival like Dussehra. The Hindus celebrate it to mark the return of Sri Ramchandra to Ayodhya after completing his fourteen years of stay in the forest To honour him rows of lamps were lit.

Today people decorate their houses and street in remembrance of that eventful day Some believe that Bali, the king who was pushed to the hell by the Baman’, incarnation of the Lord Vishnu comes over the world on this day every year to observe how his subjects are living here.

The Jains believe that on this day Mahavir went to heaven and attained Nirvana. People also light lamps for their forefathers in heaven. An age-old religious belief is associated with it.

Preparation for Diwali starts as soon as celebration of Dussehra comes to an end. Houses, shops, and courtyards are made clean and washed.

Diwali sweets and cards are sold in different shops. Diwali is celebrated at night. Rich people spent much money in illumination. Small banana trees are put at gateways.

People illuminate their houses with lamps and electric bulbs. Being clad in their best clothes people enjoy them in visiting relatives and distributing sweets. Alms, foods, and clothes are distributed among the poor.

It is an important festival for the businessmen. On this day they close old accounts and open new accounts for the new year. On the night of Diwali, they worship Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.

Kalipuja is also celebrated with Diwali. On this day, Hindus remember their ancestors with reverence. Special offerings and pujas are held in their honour. In their honour lamps are lit and crackers are fired.

People beg the blessings of their ancestors. This festival has its disadvantages. People waste a lot of money on crackers and sparklers. It is really a matter of shame for a poor country like India. Many people receive vital injury and lost important limbs. Some people die due to fire tragedy.

“Celebrate Diwali Retard darkness.”

So, diwali is the joy of family and society and all over the country, i am concluding my speech here .thank you

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