1 Minute Short Speech on Good Habits in English for Kids

1 Minute Short Speech on Good Habits in English for Kids Class 1,2,3,4 and 5

Honourable/Esteemed/President/Principal/Headmaster, respected chief guest/chief speaker/teachers, and my friends. Good morning to you all.

Today, I am going to speak a few words on good habits Habits either good or bad are hard to make or break.

Mother is the first teacher of a child. If mother herself abuses and uses vulgar words against her child, the child is prone to use them. We should be non-violent in mind, word and deed. We should never hurt others. We should use polite words of address when we meet each other.

We should keep ourselves clean internally and externally if we are dirty it denotes that we are lusty.

We should be hardworking and avoid all types of intoxication. The moment we are idle, we invite the vices to attack us. We should of course keep ourselves busy in constructive work and not destructive work. We should speak truth and avoid bad persons like criminals.

This is my short speech on habits. They say physician heal with self. So it is always better to practice than to preach as action speaks louder than words. Giving these concepts about habit I am submitting my speech.

Thank you.

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