150 Words Short Speech on Health Is Wealth in English for Students

Health Is Wealth

1,2 3,5-Minute Short Speech on Health Is Wealth in English High School ( Class 1,2,3,,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10) and College Students

Q.Write a Speech on Health Is Wealth for High School and College Students

Honourable / Esteemed President/Principal/Headmaster, respected Chief Guest/Chief Speaker /Teachers, and my friends.

Today the topic Health is wealth is much more an important discussion and all for this enlightening mood, I am very happy today.

If we live in healthy condition, then our works will be fruitful and impactful. The mind always wants to hold health and disease-free conditions. In our eliminated canal as well as digestive system, the foods are eliminated and digested. If it occurs good for health, then our mental illness have.

The entitled health is wealth is perfect proverb, with help of our good health, we should perform, every work of our life. Good health identify better future. in our rural area the farmers are staying in a good health condition because they are doing sweat flow work in the land. The harmful disease cannot capture them.

A healthy person can acquire the fruits of ambition. peace and victory. So, we should maintain our body, and
exercise our brain. A healthy man cannot be unsuccessful in his life. As good health gives courage and happiness.

Every day we should maintain our lifestyle. Avoid our side foods as well as more spice-mixed fast food. Always eat simple and digestive food. To make safe our brain we should eat more vegetables and fruits. Physical exercise also taken an important rule. In educational intuition, physical exercise is reflected. Hoping a good health of yours. I remain here thank you.

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