150 Words Short Speech on Pollution in English for Students

1 and 2-Minute Short Speech on Pollution in English for Students Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 with 150,100 and 250 Words

Honourable/Esteemed/President/Principal/Headmaster, respected chief guest/chief speaker/teachers, and my friends.

Today I am standing in front of you to express my speech on the topic “Pollution”. The greatest problem for our world.

The greatest threat to the existence of life on this planet of us comes today from the environmental pollution. Modern man is proud of science. Science has enabled us to lead an easy and luxurious life.

Man in his pursuit of easiness is caught unaware in a maze of destruction. Neither can he free him from this labyrinth nor can he go ahead.

Reckless exploitation of natural resources for industries, vehicles, and other purposes had set man at the brink of total annihilation of life from earth’s surface.

Ecological balance is lost. Deforestation has caused famine, drought, flood, and unusual rise and fall of the temperature at many places. Industries and vehicles cover the earth with a pall of smoke. The rise of carbon dioxide and lead particles pose a new threat to our health problems.

Holes in ozone may causes serious unknown diseases. The rise of C.F.C. causes holes in ozone.

Due to Green House Effect we suffer from unusual rise of temperature in our atmosphere. The percentage of Methen, Nitric Oxide, C.F.C. etc. rise in atmosphere due to increased use of petrol, gas, air conditioners, refrigerators etc. Our rivers have become so polluted that it has become dangerous to step into their waters. Pollution has poisoned our environment.

We drink polluted water, we eat polluted food, and breathe polluted air. Time is ripe to think about the future of our planet. We should practice the slogan ‘Save Nature’, ‘Save Life’. We should teach all about the benefits we derive from trees and make a promise to plant at least one tree each year.

Aforestation will help us to purify our atmosphere. “Plant trees. Save the environment.”

Thank You.

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