Best Simple Speech on Republic Day in English for Student

2-3 Minute Best Very Short/small Simple Speech on Republic Day in English for Student Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10

Honourable / Esteemed President/Principal/Headmaster, respected Chief Guest/Chief Speaker /Teachers and my friends.

Today you all know that, India is observing its Republic Day with lot of happiness. The 26th of January is known as the Republic Day celebrated on January 26, 1950. But we got our freedom on 15th August 1947.

That means, In dia is not free from the cruel Britishers. I remember you that on the memorable day the constitution of India completely came into effect and workable.

This was taken two years eleven months and eighteen days. Also, our great constitution was drafted by a strong team guided by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. Dr Ambedkar followed the constitutions of united kingdom and the united state of America to up date and gave the new look to our Indian constitution.

After some months the intellectual brain of Ambedkar drafted the Constitution of India. Actually, the constitution is the loyal law of the nation. The constitution enrols over fundamental rights.

Rights to talk, rights to vote, Rights to raise voice, for corruption rights to fulfil the facilities given by the Govt. We are proud in this way that India itself a secular nation.

As it recognises as the secular country. its culture, tradition, language, rituals beliefs etc. are unique and different. We all the Indian trust in Unity in Diversity.

From the Himalays to Kanyakumari, Kasmir to Karnataka, Erama to Matili, we are all one. We have the narrow thought of I Hindu, You Muslim, I Sikh, You Buddhist,Ijain, you Christian etc. Then, from poor to rich from labour to President we all observe this republic day being the thought of sameness and one mentality.

We also, remember that the Hindi is our National Language, the peacock is the national bird, tiger is the national animal and our national flag is Tree Ranga (Tri-coloured) we have the special manner and honour for these national symbols.

Nowadays, the lack of mutual understanding the Kashmir problems stand very serious between India and Pakistan Now it is time to understand and minimise the problem. Henceforth, we should have change our mentality and type of force.

And also it is necessary to aside an special fund for the Kashmir. We should educate, employ and directed to our youth strongly. So that, they can solve the problem of Naxalites. As Naxalites are fighting for the rights and they do not tolerate their poorness Govt.

Should fulfil their desires and want to come back them to the mainstream of the society. To eradiate them our Govt. Should take with them understand their problem, calculate their motto and take step against them.

Then the terrorists problem will be vanished and society come back to the peace.

Our President awards the intelligent who works for the nation and safer to the motherland, brave expert police personnel are awarded on this day, even our honourable President honours Padmashree and Bharat Ratna to the concerned person.

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