Best Short Speech on Teachers Day in English for Students

2 and 3 Minutes Best Short Simple Speech on Teacher’s Day in English for Students Class 1,2,3,4,5,67,8,9 and 10

Honourable / Esteemed President/Principal/Headmaster, respected Chief Guest/ Chief Speaker /Teachers and my friends.

Today, I have been given a chance to elaborate the essence of Teacher’s day. I am going to express my inner thought in front of you. Today is the birthday of an eminent teacher Philosopher, guide and writer. He is most talented Sarbapalli Dr Radha Krishnan, the second president of In dia after freedom.

There was a village named as Sarvapalli near Madras town. In that village Sarvapalli took birth. In heavenly atmosphere. The poor Brahmins family nourishes the

child Sarvapalli Radhakrishna’s father’s name was Viraswari his father was a great Philosopher. His name was famous all over world.

By the blessing of his father Radhakrishan became an intellectual one in the world. Particularly Radhakrishan was born in 5th September 1888. We celebrate the teacher’s day in the name of him. As Radhakrishan’s father was not financially strong. he could not teach him properly.

The obstacle of money did not grow his career. In the childhood Radhakrishan was very simple, shy, well behaved. But mixing nature given him a new identity. Radhakrishan was purely the devotee of Venkateswar.

He had both faith upon Hinduism and Christianity. Every type of knowledge captured by him. His friend called him the unlimited knowledge gain boy. Radhakrishan’s career was bright. He was the topper boy in B.A which gave him more well known and popularity. After a few days, he became more knowledgeous in philosophy.

Every types of philosophical perform understood by him easily. Friends and relatives followed him. He wanted to learn more about philosophy. So he taught the students and received the labour. In Madras, there was a well-known college.

There Radhakrishan taught the students and identified them as a strong and intellectual one. Radhakrishan’s simple nature attracted the students. His teaching process, talking manner and innovative ideas gave courage and inspiration to them.

After a few days most of the students of him get first-class in their academic career Basically in philosophy student learnt more from him.

He awarded as the best teacher in whole mass. Af ter ceremony the doctorate he became an a genuine one. Furthermore he sat the chair the head of the department of philosophy in famous Mysore University.

Then he gained his time in writing and reading spiritual books. The good time stood in front his talent. He became the vice-chancellor of Banaras Hindu University Madanmohan Malavya was the founder of this university.

It is obeyed that Radhakrishna was the great guider and teacher at this Veda the, upanished vendanta. Every religion people saluted him. They also abided by the philosophy of Radhakrishna. In spreading the religion, philosophy culture, peace, truth and unity, he became the ambassador of Russia, in that time the inner relationship of India – Russia was not good Radhakrishna wanted to create a friendship and peaceful understanding between the two nations.

At last he showed in the work and established peace between the two.

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