Why Did Lencho Write a Letter to God?

Ans. Lencho wrote a letter to God asking for one hundred pesos when his crop was destroyed by hailstorm.

Why Did Lencho Write a Second Letter to God ?

In his second letter Lencho wrote to God that of the money that he asked for, only seventy pesos reached him. He requested God to send him the rest amount since he needed it very much. He also asked Him to send it to him not through the mail as the post office employees were a bunch of crooks.

What Did the Postmaster Do in Order Not to Shake Lencho’s Faith in God?

Ans. The postmaster came up with an idea of answering Lencho’s letter to God. When he read the letter, he knew that it needed not merely goodwill, but a hundred pesos. He himself gave a part of his salary, collected money from the post office employees and some more money from his friends as an act of charity. He then put the money in envelope and addressed it to Lencho.

What Did Lencho Write to God in His First Letter?

Ans. Lencho’s corn field was totally destroyed by the storm. The hail had left nothing for his family, so he thought that his family would go hungry that year. He hoped that God would help him. He wrote that if God did not help his family, they would go hungry that year. He also wrote that he needed a hundred pesos to sow his 8. field again.

What Was Lencho’s Reaction to the Reply to His Letter?

Ans.Lencho had strong faith in God. He was confident that God would respond to his request. So he received the letter from God without a slightest provocation. After he had counted the money sent by God, he became angry. He thought that God would not have made such a mistake by sending the less amount of money nor could he have denied him what he had asked for.

What Would Have Been the Reaction of the Postal Employees If They Had Read Lencho’s Second Letter?

Ans. Lencho’s second letter to God contained a statement of his dissatisfaction to the postal employees. The second letter written by Lencho was the accusation of cheating the money from the parcel by them. If they had read the second letter sent by Lencho, they would have strongly blamed him. They would become angry with him and took away the money they had donated earlier.

Who Was Lencho? Where Did He Live?

Ans. Lencho was a farmer and he had great faith in Almighty God whose eyes see everything. He lived in a house with his family which stood on the top of a low hill. His house was all alone in the entire valley. From his house one could see the river and the field of ripe corn dotted with the flowers.

Why Did Lencho’s Field Look White After the Storm?

Ans. Suddenly a strong wind began to blow and along with the heavy rain. And very large hailstones started falling from the sky.. Unfortunately the strong wind turned into a storm. The hailstones looked like silver coins. The hailstones rained for an hour on the house, the garden, the hillside, the corn field and on the entire valley. So his corn field looked white as if it was covered with salt.

Why Did Lencho Prefer Locusts to the Storm?

Ans. Locusts are a kind of insects that eat crops. They fly in large numbers and eat up some of the crops and then leave the fields. But the storm came and spoiled the whole of the crops in the fields. So Lencho preferred Locusts to the storm because the locusts would not have caused so much damage of the crop as the storm, which had totally destroyed the com fields.

What Was the Postmaster Like?

Ans. in The postmaster was a fat and amiable person. He praised Lencho for his deep faith in God. He thought that it was the essence of human life to contribute some money to a religious person like Lencho. He made up his mind to give a part of his salary and asked for money from his employees and his friends to give something for an act of charity.

What Was the Only Hope in Everybody’s Heart?

Ans. The only hope in everybody’s heart was that God would certainly help them as God sees everything, even what is deep in one’s conscience. So the following Sunday at daybreak Lencho wrote a letter to God praying Him to send him a hundred pesos so that he could sow his fields again and feed his family until the next crop.came.


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