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Write a Letter to Your Younger Brother Not to Waste Time and to Study Hard.

20 Feb, 2016

Dear Ajaya,
What is it I am listening about you? I can believe my ears. My younger brother, my loving younger brother will go down to such a lower stage- I can’t imagine it.

Our father is a lecturer. Our mother is a school teacher. I am a bank officer. And you are +2 failed. How shameful it.

I have got news that you are not going to class. You are attending party, picnic, cinema. You have a group of wicked friends. You are their ring leader. You are taking money from the parents and spending it wastefully. But what is the profit? This is the time for higher study. If you neglect it, waste time, keep yourself engaged in notorious work, you must suffer in future. At that time neither the parents nor I shall be with you.

Ajaya, you are not a small milk-drinking child now. You are old enough to realise what is right and what is wrong. Even so if you waste time, no one will save you.

Time is precious. Time and tide waits for none. He who best uses time can be a really successful man. History has showed that lazy people and comfort-loving people suffer. I do not want to see your number among them.

Read hard, because only hard labour can give success in life. The more you read, the more you will gain. no pain, no gain. Today’s labour will give you tomorrow’s success. Many have rectified themselves and have been successful. Why can’t you?

Ajaya, do not waste time. Have faith upon your energy, your talent. You can do everything if you try. Concentrate on your study. Success will be yours.

I have nothing more to write. Wish you happy, prosperous and peaceful moments. Waiting for your letter, I am taking leave now.

Yours elderly

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