Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your Exam Preparation

Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Preparation for the Annual Examination

Kalinga Nagar
20 Feb 2006

Dear Sweety,
Hearty congratulations to you. Convey my best regards to your elders My sweet affection to your youngers

I received your letter yesterday. You have written that your exam is going to be held from 25th February. So you are extremely busy now. Well, I am concentrating on my studies at present too, because my Annual exam will commence from 1st March.

Sweety, you know, my father has arranged tuition teachers for all subjects. He wants that I will secure 96%. In the last exam. I had secured 94%. My father was unhappy. This time I have left no stone unturned to secure father’s target.

I have prepared notes on each subject. The best tachers of our area have made these notes. I have gone through them several times. The tachers have explained to in? Wherever I have doubts. I have solved all mathematical problems ten times. I have covered English grammer five times. I have gone through all the sets of Saurav, OSSTA, DAS, NALANDA test papers three times. In each paper I am securing about 97%. Still I am practising hard, because human memory is in constant. It may betray at any time.

Now I am not going to playground. I am not opening laptop. Father has closed TV. I am not ringing up to the friends now. I am devoting all my time on reading now. I swear to secure 97% this time.

I have nothing more to write. Wish you happy, prosperous and peaceful moments. Waitting for your letter.I am taking leave now

Yours friendly Lovely

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