Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Importance of Learning English

Write a Letter to Your Friend to Improve Your Knowledge of English

Kalinga Nagar
10 jan 2016

Dear Meera,
Best wishes to you. Convery my best regards to your elders. My sweet affection to the youngers.

I received your letter yesterday. You have written that your test examination result has come out. You have secured 70% marks, but in English you have got just pass mark. It is very bad. Meera, English is an international language. It is the richest language, a global language, a window language also. It possesses the richest treasure of thought mud literature. It is the language of science and technology a job oriented language. The knowledge of English is quite essential at home and abroad.

English is not a difficult language as you think. Look at me. I am securing more than 90 in English. Sarita, Gita, Rashmi are also securing above 90% why can’t you?

OVA I think you have not got proper process of reading English. Go to a good English teacher and read as per his advice. Within two months your English knowledge will surely develop. Try to know the basic things in English. Start from translation, cunjugation, tense-chart, word-notes, vocabulary, language study and gradually you will grow. If possible take spoken English course. It will help you much. Come to my house during holidays and I shall clarify your doubts.

I have nothing more to write. Wish you happy, prosperous and peaceful moments waiting for your letter I am taking leave.

Yours friendly Radha

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