Write a Letter to Your Mother Asking About Her Health

Write a Letter to Your Mother Asking About Her Health for High School ( Class 5,6,7,8,9,and 10 )And College Students

Write a Letter to Your Mother Asking Her to Take Rest.

Room No-10
Sarala Hostel
10 Feb, 2016

Dear Mother,
How are you? I am fine here, But I am worried about your health. last time when I was at home, I have seen your suffering. You have headaches, stomache, joint pain. medicine comes to use. The doctor has advised you bed rest. But you never take rest. You always say- I will prefer to die, but not let my husband or daughter go to the kitchen to cook food.

Mother, you have contributed enormously for the family. But for your benign role, from a thatched house, now we are living in an attractive building. You have given us comfort, luxury, aristocracy, and have invited pain, suffering for yourself. Now it is high time, you took rest and we shall take care of you.

Mother, I have told you often to keep a maid servant, but you say, “she will not enter my kitchen.” You are very obstimate now-a-days. Health is wealth. You do not know how precious you are for us. I always pray to God for your good health. If any mishap happens to you, I can’t excuse myself.

I have asked father to make some arrangement for you, to give you less toil it. He is also very sorry for you. We all love you. We are always near you. At least take care of your health for us. We need you.

I have nothing more to write. We need you good health. Waiting for your letter, I am taking leave now.

Yours friendly

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