Write an Application to the BDO to Sink a Tubewell in Your Village

Write an Application to the Bdo to Sink a Tubewell in Your Village in English for High School ( Class 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 ) and Collage Students

Write an Application to the BDO (Block Develo-Ement Officer) to Sink a Tube Well in Your Village.


The B.D.O.,
Balikuda Block,
Sub Request to sink a tube well.

Most respectfully we beg to state the following few lines for favour of your kind consideration and sympathetic action.

One thousand people live in our village, but there is no tube-well for them. They depend on a hundred-year-old pond and a well for drinking water. In rainy season its water becomes dirty and gets polluted. People drink it and invite jundice, diahhorrea, cholera like water-borne diseases. In summer season the well, the pond dry up. No water is available for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, and cleaning utensils. They collect water from the river which is 5 km. away from the village. Since people are poor, they can’t afford to sink a tube-well at their own expenses.

So, we request you to sink a tube-well in the village so that we shall be grateful to you.

20 Feb, 2016

Yours faithfully,
The villagers of Haripur, Kalio,
Balikuda, J.S. Pur

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